October 12, 2007

So I’m done with classes. Yeah, I still have once a week BLC and the Theater Final to take, but come on, let’s face facts- I’m done with schooling for Abroad Semester 07. The whole “education” thing here has been a disappointing to be honest. I blame that on FIE, the program that we’re here under. The teachers, while nice, couldn’t teach a lick. I dunno, I always had this image of studying abroad consisting of reading Kafka (or at least Conrad) and sipping absinthe while wearing silk robes. Turned out it more like trying to keep from falling asleep while some piece of shit tries to bullshit his way through a presentation saying that Tube stop announcers are theater. So it was frustrating, especially considering last semester at AU, which was definitely my best, learning stuff-wise.

But enough with the negativity. What’s done is done, right? Right. The main reason I haven’t been updating is because I’ve been out doing stuff, which I suppose is good, right? I mean, a consistently updated blog would mean that I’m sitting in front of the computer most of the time, which wouldn’t be too cool, right? That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

One of the things I’ve done is see Macbeth. Pretty cool, right? It gets even better. I saw Macbeth starring Patrick Stewart.  Mind-blowing would be a good word for it. Set in early Soviet Russia, the entire cast, but Stewart especially, were able to make every word come across as clear as a bell. The Macbeth-as-Stalin comparison works perfectly, especially when you take into account both leaders paranoia. You can see every decision becoming easier and easier for the power hungry warrior, weather it be from embarrassing a lower solider to killing his best friend. You never see him on stage as anything but Macbeth.